Implant and Immunity in Neurosurgery

  • Ceren Kizmazoglu
  • Hasan Emre Aydin
  • Orhan Kalemci
Keywords: Allergy, implant, immunity, neurosurgery


Biological implants are widely used in neurosurgical operations especially in spine surgery. Many non-allergen metal implants have been developed such as titanium. Allergies agains other metal implants such as nickel, cobalt, and chrome, are common in the general population. Allergic reactions could cause complications such as intense pain, excessive inflammation, or rejection of implanted material/tissue. Implant life period depends on tissue implant reactions. Natural immunity and adaptive immune responses play a part in inflamatory reactions. Diagnostic tests could be done for metal implants allegy. In conclusion, if the titanium hypersensitivity reaction is proven, the definitive treatment is the removal of the device.

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